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Introducing Picco Ricco: Your Gateway to Success in Kids Fashion Industry!

Are you a small clothing manufacturing brand for kids looking to showcase your beautiful products to a wider audience and skyrocket your sales? Look no further! join forces with Picco Ricco, and you'll gain access to a passionate community of fashion-forward individuals actively seeking new and exciting brands. We're thrilled to invite you to join our, one-stop online destination for fashion enthusiasts.

At Picco Ricco, we understand the challenges faced by emerging clothing brands. It the hard to compete, especially with established big brands having deep pockets to run regular sponsored campaigns, which can overshadow your good clothing collections. That's why we've created an affordable revenue-sharing model designed to support and promote your unique creations. We have a dedicated team of experts working behind the scenes with professional product photography, model shoots, social media marketing and performance marketing professionals.

You know what's the best part? you don't have to spend a single penny ! we only make money if you make money. At Picco Ricco, there is absolutely no entry fees, we charge a low commission of flat 20% on any product sold.

Our focus is on building a mutually beneficial partnership that allows our partners to thrive while we handle the promotional aspects in a professional manner.

Ready to embark on this exciting adventure? Join Picco Ricco today and let us be your springboard to success.

Write directly at and take the first step towards a brighter future in the fashion industry. We can't wait to welcome you into our growing community of passionate designers and fashion enthusiasts! Thank you!


Rishma Garg

CEO & Founder 

Picco Ricco Private Limited